With focus on real-time 3D broadcast graphics for years, we're fluent in Vizrt design and programming for stunning look and complex, yet simple to use automated graphics, run by Vizrt Gurus.

Live Broadcast Graphics

We produce 'extremely' complex scenes and develop templates easy way. Simple yet astonishing. We work with Content Pilot and Trio and are able to handle multilingual templates to be used by complex scripts with RTL directions. We do TransitionLogic, database/live stream driven or manually controllable graphics.

Virtual Studio & Set Design

Broadcast.Graphics has extensive knowledge and experience on setting up Virtual Studios on both Trackless and Tracked camera arrangements. We are familiar with range of tracking systems such as FreeD, Motion Analist, and visual tracking system.

We have successfully launched numerous news channels and TV virtual studios such as BBC, RFL, DBiz, NUVO which are on air on a constant basis.

Titles, Commercials

Our solution-based approach clears the path for creativity while maintaining your production style and budget. You will find our experience and creativity in motion graphics, technical effects, compositing and editing deliver high impact motion media adding value to your brand and confidence to your production.

Broadcast.Graphics offers a powerful creative plan complete with target analysis, creative strategy, complete storyboards, cost summary and schedule. The fee is nominal. The value is immeasurable.

Picture that is looked at, listened to, and watched.


Film Titles and Trailers

We got over two decades of experience producing title sequences that are integrated with the theme and the story, gripping, aesthetically eye catching, and technologically advanced.

We do theatrical trailer with variety of formats to be used on Blu-rays and DVDs. We do TV spot and shorter versions for TV broadcasting, while keeping the essence of attraction and telling stories intertwined in mystery in as few seconds as possible, so you can run more time in more channels

Music Video

Broadcast.Graphics' technological advancement allows your budget to go further. We can provide you with astonishing but simple shoots combined with loads of meaningful motion graphics all within a indoor studio, or use our virtual set-ups to take your talents in to unreal environments with multiple cameras freely shooting from every desired angle and doing extraordinary moves.

We employ some of the best directors and editors to bring up nicely done pictures. We then add up unique digital effects and make the video really stand out, above any other competitor of its class

Our knowledge of the music video market made it possible to make music videos that watched, listened and ranked to be on the top of the tables - all within the budget and in-line with your schedule.

3D/2D Animation

Broadcast.Graphics's Animation Department is in business for over two decades. Highly skilled and educated animators are working closely with our visual effects engineers to produce most attractive and artistic effects.

• We provide stand alone 3D animation and 3D for composing with the live footage

• Computer based cell animation and rotoscopy

We posses the abilities to make almost any given script to fantastic animations, either in ultra high resolution for film output or HD for TV or video. Both 2D/3D effects could be done in photo realistic and stylized manners. See more of visual effects in our post-production page.

Feature and Short Films

Broadcast.Graphics is involved in the production of many short and some feature length movies. We are constantly looking for inspirations and appreciate excellence and perfection.

We work with number of other producers and investors seeking untold stories suitable for silver screen to produce them.

Our goal is to raise the bars and to make financial hits and with our passion, knowledge and experience we are not just dreaming about it!


Visual Effects

We are fully equippted not only with the latest tools and equipment, but also with the knowledge and know-how of doing effects. We have mastered the entire life cycle of design and application of special effects.

We can process and deliver in variety of resolutions and formats for spectrum of media from theatre to small screen and mobile devices.

Our services rages from conventional effects including advanced chromakeying, colour tuning and timing, super imposing, ect. , to highly customized and purpose designed effects using our highly experienced and well trained animators and animation studios.

We will be proud if you take us on your film. And You will be proud if you did

Voice Over and Dubbing

Our facilities are not limited to spectrum of state-of-the-are dubbing studios. We have access to wealth of native and foreign voice over talents.

Our team is specialized in translation of dialogues and narrations. They later slightly top the translation up so every bit is taking exactly the same duration as of the respective picture. The translation is being done by destination language native speakers and being reviewed many times by different destination language native writers and being combined with slang, so it will sound natural and absolutely fluent.

'Unmatched' Stories and Scripts

Our writers working with a vision to bring attention to our clients. We're pioneers in successfully combining the richness of eastern culture with western vision.


Broadcast.Graphics has access to loads of young, well trained and passionate talents.

We also have huge access to sports talents, foreign talents, and home talents from minor ethnicity.

Our agents are constantly looking for new faces and have very good presence in many different universities and serious professional training outlets

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About Broadcast Graphics

Broadcast Graphics has a complete in-house production facility with staff writers, producers, directors, editors, designers and artists in addition with skilled business and market managers. We also work with outside production companies and can provide you with any of the top creative and production talent in the world.

Broadcast Graphics productions and broadcast capabilities extends international to several countries under its GR (Global Reach) operation in compliance with local regulations in North America, Europe and far-east.

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